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New to Mobile Photography? Don't worry!
I will get you wrapped up with the basics!

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ScopeyBoi here!
As an eminently dumb personality, I can easily say that internet is the best place to get free education. But who likes to scrap information bit-by-bit from blogs?
That's why I am here : )

Get yourself a place to be curious! 

Scopedshutter aims to provide a good friend and a mentor to every aspiring photographer. So why should you feel shy to ask doubts?
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Master Mobile Photography basics like a pro!

Mobile photography, at first, can seem daunting. Leading lines, Fibonacci spirals, the grid, white balance..... Even I don't remember them all. Guess what? No one judges you for theoretical knowledge if you are really good at shooting (photos) :)

Nail Adobe Lightroom Like a serial killer!

Do I need to explain this? It is a need of every social media fanatic!

#include <stdio.h>
int main()

int love;
int knowledge;

while (love < knowledge)
printf(%d, love);
return 0;

*Love for my Scopey Family by Scopeyboi :)*


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My Family Of Aspirants Say:

*I translated everything from my local language to English*

"Simplest way to Explain, Thanks bruh!"

"Nice initiative to help, brother!"

My Works


Do Megapixels Matter?

No modern gallery is complete without moody shots. Why not just try them out?


Vintage presets for lightroom

Buenos Dias! Mucho Gusto :)
Why not try these Spanish Vintage presets? 
They are too good to be true !


3 Ways to Stop Being Sad

Proin nec viverra lectus, in convallis nulla. Suspendisse id mauris sed purus pretium lobortis. Mauris et finibus dui, quis efficitur orci. 

About us

Not a really good topic to talk about..Obviously!
I am just another teenager out there with a vision. An Indian 14 year old. 
(Proud to be able to help you out)



All basic and important aspects of photography have been covered in the most simplistic, intricate and engaging design! 


Happy students

Our students are happy, because they were able to learn it quicker than me, proving that I am dumb ^^!


Everything here except images and courses are copy-right free!
Courses, to be honest, are free. But if you download and share those
files with others, there will be no traffic here. 

You have the rights to download the files for yourself!

Simple Answer: NO!



Not much has happened.
Results have been given.
guess what?
I have crutches on my fingers :)


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